Prerequisite Courses
Prerequisite courses are mandatory and must be taken prior to enrolling in ongoing/series classes, specialized classes, holiday classes or Kid’s Kamps. Please be sure to check each course for a list of prerequisite courses required (if applicable).

Ongoing/Sewing Series Courses
The below classes are held during a full school year and are scheduled once per week unless otherwise indicated. I do try to keep the class schedule inline with the FWISD school schedule. Classes begin in the Fall and end in the Spring. I will offer mini-courses (Kid’s Kamps) in the summer, so please subscribe to my newsletter to stay posted.

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  • Upcoming Kids Beginner Sewing Class – Start March 17th


    Beginner Sewing Class is designed specifically for kids ages 6+ who are new to sewing or have limited sewing experience. I am open to working with 6 year olds who are great at following instructions 🙂  In this camp, students will learn to use a sewing machine and make multiple projects that they can show off to friends and family while learning the basics of sewing. 

    This class is geared for true beginners or those who have basic sewing machine experience but need instruction to develop more confidence with sewing.


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