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Co-founder & CEO at Ray Family Company


I am a mom, serial entrepreneur, designer, teacher, and advocate.

I am also a movie lover, space enthusiast, tech obsessed nerd who is easily distracted by anything related to witches and warlocks. :)

I am an angel investor, stock trader, FOREX trader and I stash cyptocurrency religiously.

My favorite subject is history & herstory!

If I had the skills, I would build a real life Wakanda

My Background, Experience and Passions

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Co-founder & CEO @ Ray Family Company Holdings, LLC

Ray Family Company Holdings, LLC seeks to partner with, and meaningfully enhance, extraordinary lifestyle brands and companies. Ray Family Company Holdings, LLC is a privately held, family owned company, with focus on private partnerships in early to mid-stage opportunities.
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Ms. Felicia Ray

Seamstress & Designer @ Felicia Ray & Company

Seamstress Felicia, servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Personal seamstress services, custom design, special occasions, & alterations.
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Ms. Felicia Ray

Sewing Instructor @ Lil Sewing School

Learn to sew! I offer sewing classes in our Fort Worth TX Sewing School for all skill levels including kid's sewing classes and Kid's Kamp Summer Sewing! 
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