Alteration Request

This form is for alteration requests ONLY.

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Alteration Request

  • Please let me know what type of service you are requesting. (Ex. alteration of 3 skirts, hem pants, I have a question).
  • Please upload any inspiration images that you may have
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    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf, Max. file size: 7 MB, Max. files: 3.


      1. Payment

      All invoices must be paid in full before item is delivered/picked up. All deposits must be paid in full by their due date and before construction begins.

      2. Default in payment

      The Client shall assume responsibility for cost outlays by Felicia Ray in all collections of unpaid fees and of legal fees necessitated by default in payment. Invoices in default will include but are not limited to fees for collection and legal costs. In the event that Client defaults in payment, and fails to make full payment within 7 days of project completion, Felicia Ray reserves the right to sell item(s) at her discretion to recover the cost of Felicia Ray's loss. Client will receive notification when project is complete.

      3. Estimates

      Please note that the estimate is based on the initial garment details that you have provided in your estimate request. Any additions to the garment or fabric changes may alter the price of your garment. Fabric prices and types vary and this could change the cost of your garment.  Your garments will be made based on the measurements that you send to me. If you are not certain of your measurements, please have a professional take them for you.

      The fees and expenses shown are minimum estimates only unless an hourly fee has been agreed upon. That fee will be Hourly Fee per hour or Service Fee per service/product and Felicia Ray shall keep the client apprised of a tally of hours within a reasonable period of time. Final fees and expenses shall be shown when invoice is rendered. The fees and expenses shown are minimum estimates only unless the quote and/or invoice is clearly marked Firm Quote, otherwise the below stated hourly fee/service fee will be payable on all time over that which was quoted with a minimum in 30 minute increments.

      Rush fee of $10 will apply for non-formal/casual garments requested to be delivered under 10 business days; $15 for special occasion garments under 15 business days; and $25 for bridal gowns under 20 business days.

      4. Changes

      The Client must assume that all additions, alterations, changes in content, layout or process changes requested by the customer, will alter the time and cost. The Client shall offer Felicia Ray the first opportunity to make any changes. Once construction of your garment/item begins, there will be no changes exceptions.

      5. Expenses

      The Client shall reimburse Felicia Ray for all expenses arising from this assignment, including the payment of any sales taxes due on this assignment, and shall advance Felicia Ray for payment of said expenses, including but not limited specialty fabrics, accessories and 3rd party services (i.e screen printing, embroidery, dry cleaning).

      6. Cancellation

      In the event of cancellation of an assignment/project after agreements have been signed, Client forfeits ALL deposits, payments and materials obtained for this project and Felicia Ray reserves the right to sell the items at her discretion.

      7. Deposits

      Please note that all deposits must be received before the date shown on the deposit invoice. Failure to make payment by this date may result in the project being delayed. Please note that ALL deposits are non-refundable. Client is responsible for scheduling and keeping all appointments. In the event that Client cancels 2 consecutive appointments, delaying the construction process, Client's assignment/project(s) will be cancelled. Additionally, Client forfeits ALL deposits, payments and materials obtained for this project and Felicia Ray reserves the right to sell the items at her discretion.

      In the event that an assignment/project is cancelled, and Client would like to continue working with Felicia Ray & Co., a new agreement will be created and treated separately from previous agreement. Client will be responsible for paying all deposits of the new agreement in full. Previous deposits are NOT transferable to new project agreements.

      8. Appointments

      All appointments must be scheduled in advance. Felicia Ray & Co. does not accept walk ins. All appointments are closed sessions. Appointment slots are limited.


      1. It is the responsibility of the Client to contact us to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Client forfeits ALL previously paid deposits and payments if Client fails to cancel appointments at minimum 4 hours before the appointment is scheduled to begin.  Client must reschedule cancelled appointments within 2 weeks of the previously scheduled appointment.
      2. If Client fails to reschedule their appointment within the two week grace period, Clients' project will be cancelled and Client forfeits ALL previously paid deposits and payments.
      3. Client may choose to submit a new estimate request however, previous pricing and completion time frames from previous scheduled project and appointment will not be guaranteed. Previous deposits and payments will not be applied to new project and/or appointments.
      4. When booking an appointment for someone other than yourself, it is your responsibility to make them aware of these terms and conditions and to give them enough notice as possible about the booking.


      If Client plans to bring a guest and or children to a scheduled appointment, Client must notify Felicia Ray & Co. in advance so that accommodations can be made, otherwise Client's guest(s) will need to make arrangements to wait outside and/or Client will need to make arrangements for children before appointment. This is not optional.

      TURNAROUND TIMES: Peak season is between March – October and late November – New Years. For alterations on non-formal and casual garments, the typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks during the off-peak, and 3-4 weeks during the peak season.

      For bridal gowns, the typical turnaround time is 3 – 6 weeks during the off-peak, and 6-8 weeks during the peak season.

      For alterations on special occasion garments (bridesmaid/formal dresses), the typical turnaround time is 2-4 weeks during the off-peak, and 4-6 weeks during the peak season.

      During the peak season, Felicia Ray & Co. books appointments very quickly, so from the moment Client submits an estimate request,  Client can expect to schedule your consultation within 7-10 business days.

      Rush fee of $25 will apply for non-formal/casual garments requested to be delivered under 10 business days; $45 for special occasion garments under 15 business days; and $85 for bridal gowns under 20 business days.

      WHEN TO SCHEDULE: Client can schedule appointments as far in advance as needed. If Client plans to gain/loose/shape up, and will change in size, Client should book an appointment as close to Client's event, as typical turnaround times will allow.

      Please keep in mind that between April and September Felicia Ray & Co. books 2-3 weeks in advance, so please contact Felicia Ray & Co. early!

      WHAT TO BRING: Once the appointment is scheduled, Client should receive a confirmation and a reminder closer to the date of your appointment. For all Client appointments, bring your shoes (or same size heel – very important for marking the hem properly), and any shape-wear/undergarments you are planning to wear with your garment.

      DELIVERY/PICKUP: Completed garments/items must be picked up within 14 days of project completion. After all open invoices have been paid in full, Client will receive a notification email with instructions on how to schedule Client's Pickup/Delivery Appointment. In the event that Client does not retrieve completed items within 14 days of project completion, Felicia Ray reserves the right to sell item(s) at her discretion.

      9. Ownership of work

      Felicia Ray retains ownership of all original work, recreating an item, and alterations, whether preliminary or final and reserves the right to use work and/or copies of work for marketing purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, posting images on Felicia Ray websites, social media, email marketing and print.

      10. Credit Lines

      Credit lines are not available.

      11. Releases

      The Client shall indemnify Felicia Ray against all claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to the uses for which no release was requested in writing or for uses that exceed authority granted by a release.

      12. Modifications

      Modifications of the terms of this contract must be written and authorized by both parties, involving the implementation of a new version of the contract as a whole following standard procedures of documentation and approval.

      13. Uniform commercial code

      The above terms incorporate Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

      14. Code of fair practice

      The Client and Felicia Ray agree to comply with the provisions of the Code of Fair Practice (which is in the Ethical Standards section of chapter 1, Professional Relationships).

      15. Code of fair practice

      Felicia Ray warrants and represents that, to the best of her knowledge, the work assigned hereunder is original and has not been previously published, or that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that all work or portions thereof obtained through the undersigned form third parties is original or, if previously published, that consent to use has been obtained on an unlimited basis; that Felicia Ray has full authority to make this agreement; and that the work prepared by Felicia Ray does not contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. This warranty does not extend to any uses that the Client or others may make of Felicia Ray’s product that may infringe on the rights of others. Client expressly agrees that it will hold Felicia Ray harmless for all liability caused by the Client’s use of the Felicia Ray’s product to the extent such use infringes on the rights of others.

      16. Limitation of liability

      Client agrees that it shall not hold Felicia Ray or his/her agents or employees liable for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from the Felicia Ray’s failure to perform any aspect of the project in a timely manner, regardless of whether such failure was caused intentional or negligent acts or omissions of Felicia Ray or Client, any client representatives or employees, or a third party.

      17. Dispute Resolution

      Any disputes in excess of maximum limit for small-claims court arising out of this Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a mutually agreed-upon arbitrator pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The Arbitrator’s award shall be final, and judgment may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. The client shall pay all arbitration and court cost, reasonable attorney’s fees, and legal interest on any award of judgment in favor of Felicia Ray. All actions, whether brought by client or by Felicia Ray will be filed in the Felicia Ray's state/county of business/residence. This contract is held accountable to the legal system of Texas and any applicable statutes held therein.

      18. Acceptance of terms

      The action of the sending and receipt of this agreement via electronic method will hold both parties in acceptance of these terms. Felicia Ray as sender and the client as recipient will acknowledge acceptance of these terms either through an e-mail noting acceptance or acceptance is acknowledged at the beginning of any work on said project. Electronic signatures shall be considered legal and binding.